Welcome to Emmick Farm!
Kirinyaga County

Who we are

We are Emmick Enterprises Fish Farm, founded in 2010.

Emmick farm is located kilometers 7 km from Sagana Town and 4.5 km from the Sagana/ Nyeri Road turn off and is accessible through a tarmarked road ..

Emmick farm, founded ,as one of the beneficiaries from the Economic Stimulus Program(ESP) by the GOK in 2010 with one pond, whereby the first harvest was realised in March .

In 2012 the firm was authenticated to produce both tilapia monosex fingerlings and Catfish fingerings.

In the past decade, through tenacity and research and development, the farm has grown to be  one of the grower models in the County with 25 fish ponds including Nursery, Sex reversal and growout ponds.

Emmick Activities

Emmick farm has partnered with KMFRI and the Department of Fisheries Sagana to sensitize farmers and provide trainings, farm visits and offer farm support.



Mobilize farmers to actively engage in fish farming.


Mobilize key stakeholders support throughout the supply chain (from production to marketing)


Organize for farms training Internships & technical support for various small-scale farmers and customers.


Support the establishment of a strong small scale fish farmers society to ably negotiate prices through farmer groups


Organize exchange visits/field school trips for small scale farmers to enhance learning


Offer Networking opportunities for fish farmers

Our Expected Outcomes

Improved livelihoods due to improved incomes and job opportunities
Well informed and skilled farmers on Aqua farming
Better negotiating voice and market for fish products
Improved health, eating habits and nutritional value added to the community
Improved fish fingerlings breeds leading to higher yield and profits